• About Will Brink

    Previously, I have been an adjunct trainer for Smith & Wesson and developed two courses for them: Applied Stress Training I and II.

    I developed the Practical Applied Stress Training (P.A.S.T) program for tactical LE, of which info can be found on this site.

    I'm an avid shooter, and in addition to my work with athletes, I do seminars, and coordinate with police departments and SWAT/RRT members focused on performance and health of these specialized units.

    I have been a writer and industry consultant for over two decades and have been published in a wide variety of publications, relating to performance, nutrition, health n fitness, bodybuilding, and other topics. For example, my articles have been published in Tactical Response, Muscle Media, MuscleMag International, Lets Live, Muscle n Fitness, Life Extension magazine, Townsend Letter for Doctors, IronMan, Muscular Development, Inside Karate, Exercise for Men Only, Physical, Power, Body International, Oxygen, Penthouse, Fitness RX, Big, as well as others over the years and in many different languages. I had a monthly column in MuscleMag International called The Intake Update for a decade. My articles can also be found on various web sites from Bodybuilding.com to NavySeals.com and many others.

    I own - and run - the the web site BrinkZone.com which is focused on all things health and performance, for the non LE/mil community.


    It should be noted I am not a combat/tactical shooting instructor. I am an avid shooter, IDPA competitor, and shoot regularly with some highly qualified/experienced shooters, but my expertise is not in the area of combat/tactical shooting.

    I do coordinate with qualified instructors via the Optimal SWAT network of qualified instructors, and the P.A.S.T Program is designed specifically to be integrated with existing firearms programs used by trainers, depts, etc.

    P.A.S.T Program Courses can be highly individualized to the team or individual and as few as two or as many as fifty people can be trained. Courses can also include classroom time covering topics related to health, performance, etc., as it relates to supplements, nutrition, and other essential topics as needed.

    See you on the range

    - Will Brink

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