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LE/Mil General

Issues of interest for the tactical LE and SOF mil community, as well as non specialized units.

  1. Seminar For Waterbury CT RRT/SWAT

    Seminars for SWAT for optimizing health and performance

    Did a seminar for the Waterbury CT RRT/SWAT team at their Training Division Headquarters 4/15/09. I try to cover a broad range of topics applicable to tactical athletes, such as supplements, nutrition, and training, but considering how extensive each of these topics are, and all could be a long seminar on their own, itís a balancing act at best. ...
  2. Reducing Musculoskeletal Injuries in SF soldiers

    Reducing Musculoskeletal injuries in SF soldiers with applications to Tactical LE and other high tempo groups

    This is a side bar excerpt from the P.A.S.T Program.

    A fairly recent article in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM)* examined the Musculoskeletal injuries from 5th group.

    The authors decided to quantify the rates and types of these injuries in SF using the records from 5th group, “who ...
  3. CT SWAT Challenge 2008: Guns, Gear, and Gadgets!

  4. CT SWAT Challenge Shooting stages 2008

    Part 1 covered the killer PT course for this event, here are the shooting stages:

  5. CT SWAT Challenge PT stages 2008

    Vid From The toughest PT stage in SWAT Competitions

    Here is part 1 vid of the 2008 CT Challenge. I did the PT course first. I was not able to get vid of all the stations unfortunately, but got enough to give those were not there a good idea of the event. Will have vids that cover the shooting events, and other stuff up shortly. Enjoy:

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