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  1. CT SWAT Challenge PT stages 2008

    Vid From The toughest PT stage in SWAT Competitions

    Here is part 1 vid of the 2008 CT Challenge. I did the PT course first. I was not able to get vid of all the stations unfortunately, but got enough to give those were not there a good idea of the event. Will have vids that cover the shooting events, and other stuff up shortly. Enjoy:

  2. Boston PD Pistol Comp

    First Annual Boston PD Pistol Shoot

    I was recently invited to a match at the Boston PD, by my good friend, Boston PD officer, Rodney Best. Here’s a vid from that day.

  3. Army Orders 3K + TRX Suspension Trainers

    Army makes big purchase of TRX Suspension Trainers

    As a fan of the TRX Suspension Trainer, and as someone who uses one semi regularly personally – as well as with the tactical LE/SWAT teams I have worked with – I think this is $$$ well spent for the Army. Below is the press release. You can see a short vid of yours truly using one at home HERE

    FORT BRAGG, N.C. – The Army has purchased 3,205 TRX Suspension Trainer “Fitness Anywhere,” ...
  4. 2009 CT SWAT Challenge PT Stages

    CT SWAT Challenge PT Stages 2009

    As expected, the P.A.S.T style training paid off and it was “mission accomplished” for the major goals we set for the NEMLEC SWAT/RRT:

    Goal for this year, break the top 10:

    The team I worked with was 7th out of 37 teams (last year they were 14th out of 33 teams)

    Be #1 team from MA:

    They were the number one team from MA (there were 6-8 teams from ...

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  5. Anti Muscle Bias in The Military

    Military members with more muscle are penalized during fitness tests.

    Keeping with my recent theme of there being a general anti muscle bias in the media and scientific community …I’m sure this will come as no surprise to those in the military, but it’s good to see that objective data shows the bigger guys and gals in the military tend to be penalized for carrying extra muscle mass during testing. A paper by a ...

    Updated 03-10-2010 at 04:23 PM by Will Brink

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